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Town Assessor

This office is responsible for the assessing function. This function forms the basis of the distribution of taxes. It is not involved with setting tax rates for school, town or county budgets. If you have questions regarding your taxes please contact the proper representatives.

The assessor is responsible for the listing and assigning of assessed values to every property in the town. This office monitors all sales and analyzes the local real estate market, supply and demand, economic situations and other influences that affect property values. We maintain current ownership records, sales information as well as property characteristics. These characteristics, in combination with analysis of the real estate market are used to determine market value and in turn form the basis for the assessed value of the property. Our goal is to establish value in a fair and equitable manner and every effort is made.

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    Some Exemptions Available

    Exemptions available as followed, see Department of Taxation and Finance website.

    STAR – BASIC & ENHANCED – Everyone is eligible on his or her primary residence. Land- contract owners and owner-occupied Manufactured homes in parks are also eligible. The 2022 income limit for Enhanced STAR exemptions for 2024 is $98,700.

    ALTERNATIVE VETERANS – Must have been in the service during a period of war, not necessarily served in the war.

    SENIOR CITIZEN LOW INCOME – Must be 65 years or older and total income is less than $31,900. There is a sliding scale basis for % of exemption.

    DISABILITY – Must have physical or mental impairment, which substantially limits one or more major life activities and total income of $31, 900 or less. There is a sliding scale basis for % of exemption.

    AGRICULTURAL – must be 7 or more acres.

    BUSINESS INVESTMENT – Established or new businesses are eligible if the increase in assessed value of any improvements is more than $10,000.