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Records Access

Records Access Officer

Rosemarie A. Marsh, Records Access Officer – Records Management Officer

Requests for Records

All requests for public access to records should be made in writing on the prescribed form. The fee charged for copies is $.25 per page. Request can be made in person at the Town Clerks Office.

A request for access to records should be sufficiently detailed to identify the records. Where possible, the requester should supply information regarding dates, titles, or other information which may help identify the records.

Denial of Access to Records

The Town Supervisor shall hear appeals for denial of access of records under the Freedom of Information Law.

Denial of access shall be in writing stating the reason therefore and advising the requester of his right to appeal to the individual or body established to hear appeals, and that person or body shall be identified by name, title, business address, and business telephone number.

The time for deciding an appeal by the individual or body designated to hear appeals shall commence upon receipt of written appeal identifying:

  • The date and lo cat ion of requests for records
  • The records to which the requester was denied access; and
  • The name and return address of the requester
  • The individual designated to hear appeals shall inform the requester of its decision in writing within seven business days of receipt of an appeal

The Office Generally

Under regulations established by the New York State Committee on Open Government, governmental entities in New York State are required to designate a Records Access Officer to coordinate an agency’s response to public requests for records.

The records access officer is responsible for keeping the subject matter list up to date, assisting in identifying records sought, making the records promptly available or denying access, providing copies of records or permitting the making of copies, certify that a copy is a true copy and, if the records cannot be found, certifying either that the agency does not have possession of the requested records or that the agency does have the records, but they cannot be found after diligent search.

The New York State Committee on Open Government is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Freedom of Information Law and the Open Meetings Law. The Freedom of Information Law governs rights of access to government records, while the Open Meetings Law concerns the conduct of meetings of public bodies and the right to attend those meetings.

Specific questions or advice regarding either the Freedom of Information Law or the Open Meetings Law should be addressed to:

Committee on Open Government
NYS Department of State
162 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12231
Telephone: (518) 474-2518

Free brochures available from the Committee on Open Government include:

Personal Privacy Protection Law
“Your Right to Know,” New York State ‘s Open Government Laws