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Zoning & Code Enforcement

The following are common asked questions pertaining to the Zoning Code of the Town of Waterloo.  By no means is the content presented below meant to be the only code of the Town.  For a complete copy of the Town of Waterloo code please contact the Town Offices.

Why does the Town have Zoning codes?

The intent of the zoning code is to establish comprehensive controls for the orderly development of land in the Town of Waterloo, based on the general plan for the Town and enacted in order to promote and protect health, safety, comfort, convenience and the general welfare of the people.

How do I know what zone I live in?

All lands within the Town of Waterloo shall be included within at least one of the established land use control districts as shown on the Zoning Map.  The map is on file for inspection at the Office of the Town Clerk located at 66 S Virginia St, Waterloo, NY.

When do I need a Zoning Permit in the Town of Waterloo?

Generally you need a permit for the following: 

(1)    New construction including: houses, garages/carports, commercial structures,
         additions and accessory structures
(2)    Adding apartments to existing structures
(3)    Demolition of structures
(4)    Fences
(5)    Signs
(6)    Swimming pools
(7)    Satellite dishes
(8)    Decks and patios
(9)  Repairs
(10)  Change of use permits

It is always advised to contact the Zoning Officer before you start any project to ensure you are in compliance with Town code.

What happens if my permit is denied?

This does not mean that the Zoning Officer disapproves of your project. What it means is that pursuant to town code, your project does not conform to the zoning code.  This then enables the applicant to submit an appeal to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

What do I have to do to submit my project to the ZBA?

Depending on the zoning code that forced the denial of the permit, you will need to supply additional information for the ZBA.  These procedures can be obtained from the Town Offices.

How do I register a complaint?

All complaint forms can be obtained at the town office or click link.

Whenever a violation of the zoning code occurs, any person may file a complaint in regard to the alleged violation.  All such complaints must be in writing and shall be filed with the Zoning Officer, who shall properly record such complaint and carry out an investigation. 

Zoning Map

Planning Board

The Planning Board is a committee whose job it is to review decisions made by the Land Use Officer. They are to listen to applicants requiring Special Use Permits and Site Plan Reviews prior to building. Decisions of the Planning Board are made on a case to case basis.

Planning Board meets fourth Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm

Zoning Board

Zoning Board meets third Monday of every month at 6:30 pm